Strategic Information Security

The Petrie Group provides experienced security professionals and leaders in the field to deliver strategic information security solutions to small and medium businesses.  We provide information security solutions to businesses across all vertical markets. 

From creating a strategy to providing an actionable roadmap, the strategic information security solutions enables your business to succeed.

Consulting &

Maintaining relevance in business often involves creating, modifying or implementing new strategic information security solutions. The Petrie Group has the expertise and the creative mindset to provide the right strategies and updates for your company.


Maintaining the integrity of information and data is imperative. We have experts to assess your data security, determine if there are issues, provide the most effective solutions, and implement the changes in your environment.

Information Security Roadmaps

Ensuring your long-term goals are met means having a roadmap to success. Considering the investments you have already made, the type of data and information you have, capacity, applications you are using, we provide a roadmap that integrates security controls and mechanisms to enable your business.


As your trusted advisor in all information security matters, The Petrie Group can continue to provide strategic advice to your business through targeted assessments, participation in strategic planning sessions, and designing information security solutions beyond the initial engagement.